Payload Container

Eagle Pride In The Sky


Here's another bit of a grey area: the payload container. Really, all the container needs to do is the following:

  • Insulate the payload so that it doesn't become too cold from the elevation.
  • Stabilize the payload so that no impact can jar it and cause a component to be disconnected or damaged.
  • Provide a "window" for the camera to peek through and a hole for the antenna to stick out of.
  • Provide a mounting hole to attach a metal rod through in order to attach the container to the balloon and parachute.

What can you make it out of? Well, anything really. Wood, foam, spaghetti (now I'd like to see someone attempt that), you name it! However, to work with the balloon and parachute listed, make sure it is around 150g and quite durable. For us, we used a hard, foam shell for the outside of the case and placed a hard, foam sphere on the inside with sections cut out to hold the payload in place. Holes were cut for the camera and the antenna and a metal rod was placed through the center to provide a mount and to stabilize the container. Below is a gallery of payload containers made for ballooning, so check them out if you need an idea of what to do or just some inspiration for what to make!

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